Cono Ahmet was born in 1911 in Bolkar Plains of Taurus Mountains. His first marriage was when he was 15, with a Romani girl from Bulgaria, to where he followed his father. He lived in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Jordan, and married more women in his new destinations. He moved to Adana with his five wives in 1942. When he passed away in 1985, Cono Ahmet had 42 children, 150 grandchildren and a tribe of 300 hundred households. “Cono Tribe” is now a community of ten thousands of people living spread all over Turkey.

The documentary presents the story of Conos, the members of a tribe with a highly marginalized and lawless character which normalizes marriages of 10-11 years old girls, theft and non-registration of the new-born children. The story exhibits the origins, traditions and struggles of Conos who adopted an illiterate and unruly way of life.


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Date: 2011

Production: Documantery Film